Tour guides’ duties in Iran

Tour guides' duties in Iran

Tour guides’ duties in Iran

Tour guides’ duties in Iran

Creating a friendly and intimate atmosphere among travelers;
Not replacing other people (not in charge) for the responsibility;
On time presence at determined locations (on domestic tours) and at border points (on incoming tours);
holding visible and legible declarations, including name of the executor office and names and numbers of passengers,
acquisition of their nationality and citizenship, as well as the luggage count;
Coordination with group foreign supervisor;
Ensure that all members of the group have the necessary documents such as passports, tickets, etc.;
Gathering the group in the right place, setting up a meeting to introduce guides, assistants and members to each other, providing essential information on the rules and regulations of the destination country, explaining the necessary points regarding the itinerary;
Constantly reminding passengers about health and safety tips, deposit important documents
(passports, tickets, valuables, cash, etc.) to the hotel’s trust fund, sticking with the group, timing, etc.;

Providing sufficient explanations about the currency of the country, types of banknotes, currency exchange location, weather, environmental security, customs, optional excursions, buying souvenir, etc.;
Announcing detailed information on the list of group’s members to the foreign national police of NAJA as soon as possible in the cities of destination and residence;
Coordinate with hotel accommodation, receiving the rooms’ list, announcing special conditions of travelers (if any) to the hotel, receiving rooms’ keys and delivering them to travelers, announcing hotel conditions and facilities and… ;
Arranging a tour report according to the guidelines provided by the central office and collecting the views of tourists accurately and thoroughly during the excursions and submitting to that office;
Contacting the Executive Office for the necessary coordination (if needed);
Not trafficking in high-risk areas in terms of security, social, ethics, and observance of all Islamic regulations
and practices in outgoing tours;

Applying for extending the Guide Card fifteen days before it expires.

How to complain and deal with tourist guide violations

In accordance with the executive instruction of the Tourism Guides Regulations, a supervision committee
was established in all provinces (Head Office of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of each province).
One of the tasks of this committee is to investigate the complaints of tourists, tourist services offices and
other persons about tour guides.If a complaint is received, the Cultural Heritage Office is required to
invite committee members within 15 days and submit evidence and reports to that committee.

The supervision committee will issue a verdict with the signature of the province’s directorate of Cultural Heritage and Tourism after investigation. The verdict can be appealed to the Supervision High Commission within 15 days of notification.
The penalties provided for in this by-law are written warnings, suspension of activities, and revocation of tour guides’ license.
Although as with hoteliers, committee and relevant commissions’ investigation do not disprove the general jurisdiction of courts in handling crimes.

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