About Us

About Us

We are the establisher of ProTourist institute. By applying the most professional lawyers in the best cities of Iran, ProTourist institute will protect and support tourist rights on very low prices. We guarantee you that when you enter Iran, and if you get in legal problems, one of our best lawyers will be with you in time at your requested place to help you. In this way, the lawyer will take over legal affairs under the supervision of ProTourist institute. So, you can enjoy your time with no concern.

Our services

The most important reason that one decides to travel is to feel relax. In fact, all tour operators and organizers especially international ones tend to provide most convenient and suitable packages to travelers and customers.
We try our best to provide the best services. We are here to provide what has never been provided in any other tourist packages. In fact, these services are what international travelers are always worried about and what they really need.
To elaborate further, one of the most important concerns of travelers who visit foreign countries is the probability of incident things happen to them in destination countries and make them refer to court and judicial system of that country about which they don’t have any information. Problems such as, having an accident, robbery, fraud, problems of hotels and so on. Different rules and regulations in different countries, different languages, problems and difficulties of referring to court, lack of time and so many other problems lead the foreigners to forgive what happen to them. In fact, they return to their country while their problems remained unsolved.
Our team is here with you to solve these problems! If you join us, when you visit Iran, we guarantee you that our professional lawyers will be with you at any time you get in legal troubles and will take over your legal affairs while you are enjoying your travel without any concern. Even after you come back to your country we will be in contact with you and will share all the reports and information related to the case we are dealing with.
The good news is that ProTourist institute will thoroughly control how lawyers do your legal affairs. In addition, the lawyers are completely paid by institute. You only need to pay some cashes in euro to buy the package.
Can you believe it!
Don’t hesitate to join us now!

? Why ProTourist

Probably you have heard about legal insurance. In these insurances tourists pay an amount of money to insurance company and in return it is agreed that if tourists get into legal troubles in destination country and have to pay money to solve the problems, the insurance company must pay back some amount of money to the them. But the fact is that these insurances do not attract attentions because of following problem:

  • High prices
  • Only an amount of money is paid back by the insurance company
  • most importantly, tourists in destination country have to do their legal affairs on their own. Then by giving receipt to insurance country some amount of money they spend on doing legal affairs will be paid back to them. In this way, tourists are left alone in foreign countries that they are not familiar with its culture, rules and regulations and even language.
    But we…

But we…

We solve all these problems
A) Our services are at very low prices
B) As you call us and in case of any problems, our lawyer will be with you at your place, he will keep track of your legal affairs. Meanwhile, you don’t have to pay any extra amount of money.
C) The lawyers are totally paid by institute
D) Most importantly, you have peace and safety by buying our services during your trip. In fact, when you see our local lawyers are with you at any time and at any places you ask, you definitely feel safe and secure.

the most professional lawyers of your destination will be with you at any time