Travel to Shiraz

Travel to Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the most popular cities of Iran. Not only Shiraz is very well known in Iran, it is globally popular for its attractions and sightseeing. Shiraz is in southeast of Iran and so many Iranian people and people from other countries come to see this beautiful city each year. Although, there are so many places to visit, people from all around the world come to see the spectacular attractions of Shiraz.

Shiraz location
Shiraz is in southeast of Iran and it is surrounded by high mountains. It is surrounded by Mount Derak from west and mount Bamou, Sabz Poushan, Chehel Magham and Baba Kuhi (of Zagros Mountains) from north. Shiraz comprise240km of Iran. According to the census 2017 Shiraz has 1,800,000 inhabitants.
Shiraz Climate
Different parts of Shiraz has three types of weather as mountainous, temperate, warm and dry. According to the fact that Shiraz is 1486m above mean sea level, its climate is mostly moderate and you can travel to Shiraz in most times of the year. The average temperature in the warmest month of the year (July and August) is up to 30 ° C and in coldest month of the year is 5 ° C.
The best time for traveling to Shiraz
As mentioned later, most times of the year is suitable for travelling to Shiraz. But the best time for travelling to Shiraz is on May. On May, The city is not that much crowded like what it is in Nowruz. Besides, Shiraz is not so hot on May. So, you can easily visit different parts of the city and enjoy the scent of Bahar Narenj flowers and roses. Some festivals are also hold for watching these attractions.
Accommodation in Shiraz
As Shiraz is always being visited by so many travelers, there are so many hotels there. You can chose any of them according to your expectations and costs. If you want to choose the cheaper ones, we are going to introduce some of them. The cost of staying in these hotels is 100,000toman and more per night according to the options they have. These hotels are:
• Niayesh Hotel
• Sasan Hotel
• Atlas Hotel
• Tachar Aparthotel
• Kowsar Hotel
Shiraz attractions
Tomb of Hafez
Hafez is a poet of the eighth century and his tomb is in Shiraz. Tomb of Hafez is one of the most popular attractions of Shiraz. This tomb was built 65 years after Hafez’s death by the minister of Shiraz in that time. This tomb has been rebuilt and repaired several time. Tomb of Hafez has two north and south courts. It also has a hall with 56meter length and 8meter width which separates the two north and south courts. This glorious hall has 20 stone columns of 5meter height.
The address: Northeast of Shiraz, Boostan Boulevard
Vakil Bath
Vakil bath was built in downtown Shiraz close to Vakil Bazaar in Zandieh period. Most updated architecture methods of that time were applied to build this bath. Inside the bath is paved and there are thin tubes under pavilion in which warm air and steam is circulated and make the bath floor warm. The entrance door of the bath is small and the entrance to the dressing room is angled to prevent cold weather penetrate inside the bath.
The address: Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, Taleghani Street, next to the Vakil mosque.
Vakil Mosque
Vakil Mosque was built in Zandieh period and it has a very beautiful architecture. This mosque has two porch and two east and west Shabistan. There are 48 spiral stone columns in south shabistan. These columns are one of the most spectacular parts of the mosque.
The address: Fars province, Shiraz, Ayatollah Taleghani Ave., West of Vakil bazaar.
Tomb of Saadi
Saadiya is where Saadi lived there at the end of his life and was also buried there after death. The tomb of this great poet has a turquoise dome that is placed on eight different columns, the walls of which are marble and the grave of Saadi is in the middle.
The address: Fars province, Shiraz, end of Boostan Street, close to Delgosha Garden
Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

Nasir al-Malik is one of the oldest mosques in Shiraz and it is located close to Shah Cheragh. This mosque is the most valuable mosque in Iran in terms of tiling and Mogharnas. The use of colored glasses in this mosque has given it the nickname “pink mosque” of Iran. When the sun shines on the colored glass of the mosque, it becomes colorful and dreamy. The mosque was built by the Qajar Dynasty in 1293 and it has a home, mirror hall, mosque, water storage and bathroom.
The address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street

Eram Garden

Eram Gardens and eight other gardens were recorded in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. There are many monuments and botanical gardens in this historic gardens. It is not exactly known when this garden was built, but according to the information gained from various travel logs of the 10th and 11th centuries, this garden also existed in the Seljuk period. There are awesome various pants there and so many various flowers from all over the world are planted there.
The address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Aram Avenue, close to Shiraz University

Arg of Karim Khan

The Karim Khan Arg is in downtown Shiraz, close to the Shahrdari square. As the name suggests, the citadel was built in Zandieh period between 1766 and 1767 as a place for Karim Khan Zand to live in. During Pahlavi dynasty, this place became a prison, resulting in damages to the building.
The address: Karim Khan Zand Street, in the corner of Shohada Square (Shahrdari)

Afif-Abad Garden

This beautiful Persian garden was built in the Safavid period as a promenade for the Safavid kings. After that, during the Qajar period, Mirza Ali Khan Ghavamolmolk bought it and rebuilt it. Today, this Iranian garden has become a museum’s gardens, and the museum of gospel, the Museum of the Army and the Army Museum of Arms have been established. The middle mansion of the garden was built by Mirza Ali Khan Qawam al-Mulk.
The address: Afif Abad Street, close to Sattarkhan Street