Driving in Iran

Driving in Iran

How to drive in Iran?

According to Iran law, people in Iran are allowed to drive car under two conditions:
• They must be eighteen years old and older
• The must take written and practical tests and if they pass the tests they will be given driving license
Foreign tourists are allowed to drive in Iran under certain conditions as below:
1. If they have international driving license.
Non Iranian tourists who have international driving license are allowed to
drive in Iran for six month from the time they arrive Iran.
(It is in fact the best choice for non-Iranian who wants to drive in Iran.)
international driving license which are issued by Iraq and Afghanistan are not accepted by the Police of Iran.

Iraqis and Afghans can choose the following way:
2. Driving car with foreign driving license temporarily.
Iranian or non-Iranian who have driving license of
any countries are allowed to drive in Iran for three months
from the time they arrive under the condition of having the following documents:
a) The original valid driving license
b) The translation of the driving license by the embassy of the country that issued license.
It should also be stamped by the embassy of that country.
c) The copy of the first page of passport and the stamped page of entrance to Iran
d) The copy of the22 nd article of rules and regulations of issuing driving license,
stamped by the police of Iran (in Shahrak-e Azmayesh-e Tehran).

3. Exchange the driving license for a long term

(this type of driving license is not recommended to tourists because of its too long official process).
If non Iranian including tourists have valid driving license issued by their countries or any other countries,
they can exchange it with Iranian ones and drive easily in Iran roads.
Exchanging driving license for a long term is done in two ways:
a) Exchanging the valid driving license which is issued by foreign countries.
Note that these foreign countries are those which accept Iranian license in their region.
The translation of the license, the original license, the mental and physical checkup of the requester and
some other documents are needed to exchange driving license for a long term.
b) Other forms of exchanging driving license is done under confirmation of the
Interior Ministry of Iran and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This option is suggested
to those whose countries do not accept the official Iranian license.
These group of people have refer to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Interior Ministry of Iran for exchanging their driving license.

The driving licenses of the following countries are changeable to Iran driving license:
Argentina, Portugal, Sudan, Lebanon, Germany, Tanzania, Somalia,
Libya, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Sweden, Poland, Algeria, Turkey,
Switzerland, Malaysia, Armenia, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt,
Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Oman, Mauritania, Austria, Czech Republic,
Philippines, Hungary, Spain, China, France and Mexico, Slovenia,
Russia, Finland, Niger, Italy, Romania, Kazakhstan, Nigeria,
Australia, New Zealand, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Belgium, Zaire, South Korea,
Nicaragua, Bulgaria , Japan, Kenya, India, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Croatia,
Yemen, Bangladesh, Syria, Guinea and Greece.

Note a) tourists from Armenia and Azerbaijan must take practical test in order to get long term driving license.
Note b) tourists from South Korean must take written exam related
to the rules and regulations of driving car in Iran.


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